About Us

We are Registered as Ageli Lykon at the Original Tamaskan Dog Registry in the United Kingdom.

We are the only authorized breeders in the USA by the original breeder, Lynn Hardey (Blustag kennel) in UK. Lynn Hardey is the founder of the Tamaskan breed, with the first Tamaskan litter born in 2002 in Blustag and Blufawn kennels.

We are a small family kennel in Tennessee (USA).  Our Tamaskan story began sometime in 2018 when we were searching for a wolf dog, state restrictions, regulations, and so forth. We came across a Tamaskan dog that was so unique and rare. After some laborious research, we realized that there are no real pureblood Tamaskan dogs bred in the USA and that the only way we can get one is to import it. It wasn’t hard to find the original founder of the Tamaskan breed and contact her, but she had a waitlist and people are waiting for a puppy for months and sometimes up to a year. We were beyond excited when our girl, Khione, was born. But it was very stressful for our family and the breeder during Khione’s transportation and flight to the USA. The poor girl was stuck at an airport beyond the expected time and the pain and fear we went through were unforgettable. Luckily she arrived well and we gave her a lot of love to overcome the stressful flight experience. The girl took our hearts. She became our daughter’s sister right away. She learned quickly she is a part of the pack and as our second child. Khione kept surprising us with her intelligence. This is really the time when we fell in love with the Tamsakan breed, the quality of the breed, the temperament, and the intelligence these dogs have. Every time we are out with Khione she is given compliments and we have to introduce people to the Tamaskan breed. It is pretty much unknown in America, yet only because it is so rare and not enough Tamaskan breeders in the World. So we felt under an obligation to share the breed as much as possible with America. We brought Cepheus in early 2021. He had a much better flight, though much more costly, but nevertheless, we still were much stressed when he was on the flight and went through the customs. The youngest member of the family settled quickly was comforted by seeing Khione; she was a good mentor inside and outside. He is our arctic wolf. Our wolf pack now feels complete.

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