We are Registered as Ageli Lykon at the Original Tamaskan Dog Registry in the United Kingdom, the only breeders that are registered in the USA and approved by the breed founder, Lynn Hardey, the Chairman of the Tamaskan Dog Registry.

Our goal is to introduce this beautiful, sweet, and very intelligent breed, in pureblood, as was intended by the original breed founder in the UK. Now available in America while maintaining the high breeding and health standards along with all the desirable character qualities that can only be found in original Tamaskans bred in Europe.

Our puppies are born and raised inside with daily handling and early neurological stimulation. Our puppies are socialized with human and canine interactions, and we offer lifelong breeder support, the original breeder (Blustag) support, and the UK and USA (Blustag and Bluefawn) Tamaskan online support groups with updates and just fun shares. You will also be more than welcome to participate in the Tamaskan Anual Dog Show. We are dedicated to the success and wellness of the breed and we will always take back a dog, if needed, at any age if any life/or health difficulties arise in the future.