Khione (Blustag Snow Poppy)

Khione is intuitively smart girl. We call her an “old soul” and is very empathetic. She is truly an alpha dog and she carefully watches over her pack. She is also very communicative and will let you know if there is something out of place or is not right, whether someone got hurt or something got damaged, or someone needs immediate attention. She has the ability to mouth words and howl like most artic breeds, she has sweet voice and howl, that is almost musical.

She is very curious and always has to be on the middle of action She learns on the fly, she understands words and even understands spelled words that she learned on her own. She loves to explore new places and things. She loves children and is very gentle with her “sister” (our 5 y/o daughter.) Khione is smart, patient, gentle and loving, she is great with kids. She is protective of her “sister”. They built a strong bond and act as they are indeed sisters. Khione is not guarding her food or her bones even from her “sister”. This dog is a perfect family dog.

Khione took a strong responsibility from the very first day when Cepheus arrived. She is a good mentor around the house and outside. She is motivated by play, attention and complements of her actions, not by food. She will initiate play several times a day by picking up her toys and brining them to you. She can be quite persistent, if you are unwilling at first.

Khione is very representative of the color and pattern of the breed, which includes the eye mask and blacklined temples. She is a beautiful Tamaskan, and she gets complements everywhere she goes. Her coat is very thick and it has a waterproof quality that would make it perform well in the coldest of climates. She is virtually impervious to water.

Athletics: Khione is an extremely fast dog, greyhound fast, and likely can top 45mph. She is, by far, the fastest of all the large dogs at the dog park. She leaps like a deer (3-4ft from a standstill) and is very accurate in catching her toys and while leaping. When she jumps on our bed she always finds an available spot, and lands like a dove. She is always complemented on her trim muscular physique.

Khione’s Achievements:

Khione took second place as Best Wolflike in the Anual Tamaskan Dog Show in 2020. She took First Place as a Junior and Second Place again as an Open Bitch in the Tamaskan Show in 2021 competing with over 100 Tamaskan dogs. She is also published in Tamaskan Dog Showing Club as one of the prettiest 18-24months Tamaskan dogs.

Khione’s Pedigree

Sire: Bear (Blustag Summer Rain)Dam: Alaska (Blustag Anaconda)
BVA Hip Scoring: 9
DM: Carrier