Cepheus (Blustag Ghost Rider)

Cepheus is a very rare white/gold tamaskan dog with a black nose. His hair feels amazingly soft. He is huggable like a big bear, but feels like a rabbit. He learns everything on the fly. He is very smart and a quick learner. Potty training was less than a couple days. He learns his commands fast too. He has the discipline to train very easily and has a will to please. He is the type of dog that is loyal and dependable. He’s perfect as a working dog or just as a best companion.

He is food motivated and is guarding of his bones but only from Khione, never from our child or us. He is not as fast and an agile leaper as Khione. However, he is much much stronger than Khione and has a very strong sense of smell. We gave him the nickname “ Sniffy” because of this. We believe he would be a great dog for police and rescue work or a scent dog due to his great abilities. You need a good truffle dog, search dog, COVID scent dog? Look no further. He has a fascination with our chickens, and is protective of his flock. He has all the instincts of a good herd dog too. Also, he would make for a great sled dog due to his incredible strength.

Additionally, Cepheus is very easy-going, loving, giving face kisses many times a day. He also likes physical contact and will sit/lie on or lean against you. He is very attached to Khione and our daughter and they play together most of the day. He is jealous of the attention and always thinks that it is his turn. Cepheus is also communicative, but he grunts or barks at you when he wants something but can howl, unlike Khione who mouths sounds. He has a wonderfully intimidating masculine voice that hits more like a diesel truck than a church choir, that Khione is more representative of.

As a new Father ( May 2023 ) , Cepheus, is very caring and affectionate. It is thought that male dogs have no interest in their young. Cepheus can assure you this is untrue. He is very interested in his pups and actively engages in socialization, grooming and play with his new pups. Of course he is amazingly tender and gentle with them as well.

Cepheus’ Achievements

Cepheus took 3d place as a Minor Puppy and 5th place as a Junior in the Tamaskan Dog show in 2021 among all the Tamaskan puppies.

Cepheus is also published in Tamaskan Dog Showing Club as one of the prettiest Puppies (under 12 months of age)

Cepheus’ Pedigree

SIRE: Otto (Blustag Eyolf)DAM: Ghost (Blustag Diamond Back)
BVA Hip Scoring: awaiting results
DM: Clear